1. No More Letting Go (4:55)
2. Desire (5:19)
3. One Night (4:50)
4. You (1:40)
5. Diver Blue (4:05)
6. Pink Sweater (4:06)
7. Kerkyra (2:41)
8. Come Inside (5:13)
9. The Elusive Pentahedron (5:51)
10. A Fine Line (5:05)

Produced by Will Kostis



1993, Fractal Records,
a division of Kostis Kosmos Inc.

Welcome to the official Entropy website. Our first, self-titled release was completed at the end of 1993. The album consists of an eclectic mix of styles from rock, to electronic, to jazz. It's even difficult for reviewers to describe:

"Musician's rock with some AOR prog ala Triumph meets Kansas...was that confusing enough? ...'Diver Blue' brings to mind Rush or maybe even Pendragon, especially with its' poetic lyrics...If you like Triumph, Kansas, or even Rush or Shadow Gallery (you get the idea), [and you can find the CD], I'd give it a spin."
-Wes Royer, SFK e-zine, February 16, 1997.

Compact discs are available at $10 (worldwide shipping included). For ordering information, please contact: entropy@kostiskosmos.com

Our second release is now in the works! A release date has not yet been set. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions.
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